Gwinnett Schools

GOP Vision for Gwinnett Schools

Our vision is that Gwinnett Schools, both public and private, provide excellent learning opportunities for all students in a safe and secure environment. 

Education is critical to a successful life and career, whether in a profession or a trade. The responsibility for learning is on the student and their parent(s). Loving, consistent and enduring parental involvement is a key success factor. Gwinnett has many great PTO organizations – we encourage every parent to attend and be involved, meet and get to know teachers, cooperate with teachers and administration in guiding and yes, in disciplining and training your child to ensure they succeed in school and in life.

We encourage parents to carefully evaluate public schools including GCPS, Charter Schools, Online Learning, and private schools. There are many excellent choices in Gwinnett.

We support GCPS School Resource Officers (SRO). Gwinnet’s officers are well trained to not only secure the schools and protect students, teachers, and guests, but to proactively work with students to provide a positive, caring example of law enforcement officers. Violence in schools simply should not be tolerated and eliminating SROs would bring tragic consequences.

We support GCPS Student Conduct Behavior code. Teachers and administrators must provide a safe and secure environment for all children and the conduct code is an essential and effective component. Administration should support teachers in enforcing proper conduct fairly based only on a student’s behavior without respect to race, religion or national heritage.

Education curriculum requires more parental input and oversight. We encourage parents to visit the classroom and to review their textbooks, and to raise objections with the teacher and administration when necessary. Parents should also consider participating in official curriculum review boards.

The Gwinnett Republican Party endorses and encourages School Choice including Charter Schools, alternate schools and the variety of Online School environments for all ages.  Many Private Schools provide excellent education as well.

We also support the thousands of parents who choose Home School, and the many Home School support organizations in Gwinnett.  Private, Charter and Home schools provide good alternatives for parents concerned about the increasing secular indoctrination of some public schools.

To maintain flourishing schools, we need to be educated and aware of a number of threats from the left. Learn more about these current issues of vital importance to Gwinnett parents and students.

Critical Race Theory – a radical view that views all human interaction in terms of race.

History and the 1619 Project – a revisionist history that claims America’s real founding was 1619.

Action Civics – a project to engage students in political activism.

Comprehensive Sex Education – bringing the sexual revolution into grade school.

We ask every parent in Gwinnett to get more involved with your school, your children’s teachers and administrators, work with the PTO, and get involved in selecting and approving curriculum. This is extremely important! We must regain influence and control of our schools. We cannot leave it to the elite education “professionals.”