Executive Board

The Executive Board

The Gwinnett County Republican Party shall consist of two committees to be known as the County Committee and the Executive Committee. The Gwinnett County Republican Party shall be governed by the Gwinnett County Republican Committee, commonly referred to as the County Committee. The Executive Committee shall be a subcommittee of the County Committee. 

Sammy Baker, Chairman

[email protected] 

Steve Gasper, First Vice Chairman

[email protected]

Denise Rumbaugh, Second Vice Chairman

[email protected]

Laurie McClain, Treasurer

[email protected]

Cindiella Nixon, Secretary

[email protected]

Assistant Secretary

Nancy Nixon

Members at Large

At Large 1 Sue Wyatt [email protected]

At Large 2 Will Aiken [email protected]


District Managers

District 1  Susie Bailey [email protected] 

District 2   Michael Vandyne [email protected]

District 3   Bob Christensen [email protected]

District 4  Sandy Donatucci  [email protected]         

District 5   Pat  Quigley  [email protected]        

District 6   Will Aiken [email protected]          

Non Voting Members

Elections  Alice O'Lenick [email protected]

Elections George  Awuku