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Gwinnett Republican Party


Photo Gallery

Highlights of the past year!

Hispanic Community Center Now Open

More about it...

New Hispanic Ad

Nuestro Futuro - YouTube

Poll Watchers Needed!

Do you want Gwinnett Elections to be safe and fair , with no cheating?  See the schedule here:


Saturday Breakfast

You are invited to join us for breakfast, fellowship, a good time with great speakers the first Saturday of the month. See the GOP Calendar for upcoming events.

Recent speakers have included Herschel Walker, Senator David Perdue and literally dozens of Republican Candidates for Congress, the Georgia Senate and House, the Gwinnett County School Board and Judicial candidates. 

Grassroots Organization

The Gwinnett Republican Party grassroots organization is composed of six GOP Districts and 156 Precincts, representing over 200,000 Republican voters.  Precinct leaders are responsible to get to know their neighbors and recruit volunteers that will engage with the voters, provide educational materials and encourage them to vote in each election.


The Gwinnett Republican Party has five levels of membership.  Membership and Donations are the primary source of revenue for the Party.  We are conservative with our funds because we want to provide the strongest and most valuable support possible to elect Republican candidates.  See our Membership options.

Leadership and Candidates

The Gwinnett Republican Party is led by a Chairman and an Executive Committee that is elected by, and overseen by, a County Committee

We are very grateful for the many good people that have stepped up to serve our county this year.  Here are the Republican Candidates for national, state and county offices.  


Our nation is in deep waters; it is a very troubling and dangerous time.  We strongly believe that there is a great future for America - but only if thousands and millions of ordinary American citizens stand up and speak up!  We need you!  Help us build a better America for our children and grandchildren! Volunteer HERE.

You Might Be A Republican...

You might be a Republican if you long for the return of common sense!

You might be a Republican if you judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

You may have voted Democrat in the past, that's OK.  The Democrat Party has changed dramatically in recent years.  Now you should consider which party aligns with your values and your vision for life in America.   Read More...

Georgia Republican Party Platform 

We subscribe to the Georgia GOP platform as it describes the common values and principles that we believe in and that we think provide the best environment for a healthy society.


Current Issues in Culture

Culture and politics have blended together as cultural and religious values have been politicized.  We want to encourage reasoned dialogue and debate on these issues.  In a series of articles we identify cultural ideas that we endorse and ideas that we oppose, and we describe the reasons behind our positions.






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