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Gwinnett Republican Party


DECEMBER 6, 2022


Ask your Republican family & friends to vote! 



Early voting 7am-7pm 

Saturday Nov. 26 - Friday Dec. 2



Do you need a RIDE to the polling place?

Call the GOP Office if you live in the Norcross area and need a ride. Phone 770-925-8683


Let's Get Herschel Over the Goal Line!







Saturday Breakfast

You are invited to join us for breakfast, fellowship, a good time with great speakers the first Saturday of the month. See the GOP Calendar for upcoming events.

We Are On Your Side! 

Help us win the hearts and minds of your neighbors.  Volunteer to help build the Big Red Wave and return Common Sense government to Gwinnett, Georgia and America!

Current Issues in Culture

Culture and politics have blended together as cultural and religious values have been politicized.  We want to encourage reasoned dialogue and debate on these issues.  In a series of articles we identify cultural ideas that we endorse and ideas that we oppose, and we describe the reasons behind our positions.

Why are people turning?

Millions of Americans - including Georgians - are realizing that they don't want to live in a fully "woke" society, with high inflation and gas prices, state-controlled schools that indoctrinate rather than teach, high taxes and less freedom.  Reality is setting in.  

When progressive comedians ridicule the left for crazy ideas and call for a return to "common sense" you know they have gone too far.

Hispanics in Gwinnett

Keep up with Gwinnett Hispanic Activities here.

Gwinnett Black Conservatives

Follow us on Facebook - OOPS it appears Facebook deleted our page https://www.facebook.com/GwinnettBlackConservatives   Why would that be do you think?  2022 Black History month.

Keep up the good work.  Win Hearts and Minds in the spirit of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. 


The Gwinnett Republican Party is led by a Chairman and an Executive Committee that is elected by, and overseen by, a County Committee

You Might Be A Republican...

You might be a Republican if you long for the return of common sense!

You might be a Republican if you judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

You may have voted Democrat in the past, that's OK.  The Democrat Party has changed dramatically in recent years.  Now you should consider which party aligns with your values and your vision for life in America.   Read More...


What's happening?

The best way to keep in touch is our regular email updates.  


Help Support The Team 
Annual membership starts at $30.

This year our party is contributing very significantly to many Gwinnett GOP candidates.  Help us help the candidates WIN in November.


Your Donations Matter


Georgia Republican Party Platform 

We subscribe to the Georgia GOP platform as it describes the common values and principles that we believe in and that we think provide the best environment for a healthy society.


Grassroots Organization

The Gwinnett Republican Party grassroots organization is composed of six GOP Districts and 156 Precincts, representing over 200,000 Republican voters.  Precinct leaders are responsible to get to know their neighbors and recruit volunteers that will engage with the voters, provide educational materials and encourage them to vote in each election.




Photo Gallery

Highlights of the past year!




Gwinnett GOP Headquarters

80 Boulderbrook Circle

Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Office Hours

Monday - Friday  11:30 am to 4pm


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