Comprehensive Sex Education

The Gwinnett GOP Opposes the Introduction of CSE Into Gwinnett Schools

The GOP opposes the introduction of Comprehensive Sex Education in Gwinnett schools. The current instruction on sex education has been very effective. We see no need to change it to support a radical sex agenda.  

This topic is a note of caution for parents.  We are not aware of any initiative at this time to introduce CSE into GCPS.

What is Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE)?

As a generic concept it is certainly important to provide children with responsible and comprehensive sex education that is age appropriate. Organizations such as SIECUS (Sex Ed For Social Change) to much further. SIECUS guidelines

· Assume that all teens will have sex (whereas current GCPS sex ed highlights abstinence) – so sexual experimentation is normalized

· Graphic material emphasizing sexual pleasure – encourages self-stimulation at an early age – for example, pictures of self-stimulation for 10-year old children

· Multiple sexual partners are acceptable with contraceptives or condoms

· Little discussion of emotional and practical consequences of teen sex

· Endorses multiple sexual orientations and gender identities and experimentation

Another caution is that Planned Parenthood heavily promotes CSE as a resource. Of course, it is good for their bottom line.

The United Nations promotes CSE internationally, explaining that the programs help young people to protect their health, well-being and dignity. Sex education is based on human rights principles and therefore they advance gender equality and the rights and empowerment of young people. 

The American College of Pediatricians said “Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) goes far beyond sex ed, and is a dangerous assault on the health and innocence of children.” 

Early sexual experimentation often leads to gender identity issues and confusion because a child does not have the maturity to understand what is happening to them. Adult participation should be seen for what it is: child abuse.

Gwinnett Schools should stay the course with abstinence-centered programs that follow CDC guidelines for healthy sexual behaviors.  

For more information visit No Left Turn In Education and visit the Gwinnett No Left Turn Facebook page.