Critical Race Theory

What is Critical Race Theory (CRT) and why does the Gwinnett GOP oppose it?

Critical Race Theory is an academic discipline built on identity-based Marxism. Critical race proponents cleverly redefine words that have a positive connotation to sell their ideas not only in universities – now it is being forced on employees through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training and introduced to many public schools.

For example, the word “equity” replaces the traditional American ideal of “equality.” Equality means that every person is equal under the law and should have equal opportunity. Equity, on the other hand, means Marxist redistribution of wealth (confiscating property from “white oppressors” and favoring distribution to “oppressed” minorities). Ibram X. Kendi of Boston University, author of “How to Be an Antiracist”, has proposed a federal government agency of Antiracism. This agency would be unaccountable to elected branches of government and would have the power to nullify or abolish any law at any level of government and to curtail the speech of anyone they deem insufficiently “antiracist.”


Kendi wrote “The only remedy to resist racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” Where exactly does that lead us and how does that end? It does not end well.

Critical Race Theory teaches that

  • · Whites are inherently racist and oppressive 
  • · Whites are responsible for historical actions of all whites – they should feel guilty and repent
  • · White privilege created and enforces rules that oppress minorities including
    • o The work ethic – hard work is a key to success, work before play
    • o Linear thinking – reason and logic, cause and effect, objective truth
    • o Politeness -civil discourse
    • o Family unit – nuclear family with father, mother and children
    • o History – It is oppressive to learn about European, Greek and Roman culture
    • o  Judeo-Christian religion is oppressive – anything else is Ok
    • o Future orientation – delayed gratification
    • o Aesthetics – ideas of beauty 
    • o Justice – Oppressive because based on English common law, protection of property
    • o Competition – Oppressive because there are winners and losers
    • o Communication – the English language is oppressive
    • o Math – Educators must transform their instructional practice 


The central idea is that everything is viewed through the lens of race – Racism occurs in every human interaction. 

Christopher F. Rufo has studied CRT for several years. He wrote 

“I'm just one investigative journalist, but I've developed a database of more

than 1,000 of these stories. When I say that critical race theory is becoming the operating ideology of our public institutions, it is not an exaggeration-from the universities to bureaucracies to k-12 school systems, critical race theory has permeated the collective intelligence and decision-making process of American government, with no sign of slowing down.

This is a revolutionary change. When originally established, these government institutions were presented as neutral, technocratic, and oriented towards broadly held perceptions of the public good. Today, under the increasing sway of critical race theory and related ideologies, they are being turned against the American people. This isn't limited to the permanent bureaucracy in Washington, D.C., but is true as well of institutions in the states, even in red states, and it is spreading to county public health departments, small Midwestern school districts, and more. This ideology will not stop until it has devoured all of our institutions.” – Imprimis, March 2021.

The Gwinnett GOP opposes CRT because it is both untrue (it does not correspond with reality) and it is inherently racist. Pitting one race against another and denigrating many of the principles that have led to personal success and fulfilment – for Americans of every race – is just wrong. We encourage Gwinnett citizens to oppose it in education, in business, in government, in the military. CRT is a very dangerous ideology that is destructive of civil society and of the American Constitutional form of government.

References  Imprimis, March 2021. Christopher Rufo Rosen, Prager U Excellent 5 min. video. Rufo CRT video 17 min. Marxist history, etc. with 1619 Project

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