You Might Be A Republican If

You Might Be A Republican If...

  • You think Defund the Police is a DUMB idea!

  • You want honest science that is not political.

  • You want to live in the real world rather than the mythologies of the extreme Left.

  • You want parents to teach their values and worldviews to their children, rather than the Secular State.

  • You are deeply troubled about the direction of the country.

  • You favor American energy independence.

  • You prefer to choose your doctors rather than be assigned one.

  • You prefer to choose your children’s school rather than be assigned one.

  • You'd like to see more products made in America!

  • You think climate changes are impacted by more than just human carbon dioxide emissions.

  • You do not believe the Statue of Liberty will be under water in ten years.

  • You do not want your tax dollars being spent to manipulate your opinions by creating propaganda.  

  • You think a dog is a dog, a cat is a cat, a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl.

  • You think our rights come from God, not presidents, legislatures or courts.

  • You think looting and shoplifting are crimes that should be deterred with some significant form of punishment.

  • You think the vast majority of blacks and Hispanics and all Americans prefer free enterprise to Socialism.

  • You favor legal immigration.

We ask one simple thing:  get to know some real people that happen to be Republican.  You may be surprised that we don't fit the stereotypes that Progressives and the Media use to define us.