Gwinnett Diversity

Gwinnett County is a great place to live, worship, work, raise a family, go to school and play.

As a very diverse population we need a clear vision of what brings us together and what holds us together. We need to understand not only issues and perspectives of race and gender but of ethnic and national background, language barriers, personalities and ways of thinking. 

We need to understand, learn and practice true tolerance not only between races and genders and nationalities but also between Red and Blue, Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Of course, we do not agree on everything. We must however practice true tolerance – giving the other person the right to be wrong. No one should be cancelled or treated as second class citizens because of their race, gender or beliefs.

An important part of being and becoming family is to understand the forces and movements working to pull us apart, to create strife and conflict, to pit one group against another. 

What is pulling us apart?  Think about these topics.

Critical Race Theory - a radical view that views all human interaction in terms of race.

Race Relations – how do we view people of a different race?

Diversity and Inclusion – thinking differently about Diversity and Inclusion for the 21stCentury