Equity or Equality?

Which is Better for Gwinnett?

The Gwinnett GOP upholds the Constitutional requirement of Equality. Equality means equal treatment to all citizens under the law, equal rights, equal opportunity in education and in the workforce.

Equity is the functional opposite of equality. Equity focuses on equal outcomes – taking from one group to give to another. It is essentially Marxist.

In President Biden’s “Executive ­Order on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government,” the term equity means “the consistent and systematic fair, just and impartial treatment of all individuals.” Sounds good, right?

The problem is that “fair” and “just” are open to interpretation by the bureaucrats of the federal government. In only one example, Congress passed, and President Biden signed, a bill forgiving $110,000 of farm debt for every minority farmer in America. 

The plan was recently stopped by the courts. It was charged that the bill is essentially racist, giving racial preference, violating the Constitution and Civil Rights laws.

The entire federal government, by this executive order, is charged with the task of finding unequal outcomes between races and implementing remedies. It is not a good idea; it is a Marxist idea.

“If freedom is discarded to achieve equality of outcome, we no longer live in an America defined by the Declaration of Independence. We live in an America defined by tribalism and leveling—and, in short order, tyranny.” Ben Shapiro