A Year of Awakening

By Bob Christensen

Gwinnett County GOP Communications Committee Chair

Every once in a while, if you’re observant, someone in America stands tall and shouts “The Emperor has no clothes!” This person speaks of an awakening to reality as if just emerging from a bad dream. However, unlike the fable, citizens ignore them, and the media drowns them out, preferring to live in their unreal utopian dream world.

For the crust presented by the life of lies is made of strange stuff.  As long as it seals off hermetically the entire society, it appears to be made of stone.  But the moment someone breaks through in one place, when one person cries out, “The emperor is naked!” – when a single person breaks the rules of the game, thus exposing it as a game – everything suddenly appears in another light and the whole crust seems then to be made of a tissue on the point of tearing and disintegrating uncontrollably.” - Vaclav Havel

A Year of Awakening

It is our hope and prayer that millions of citizens begin to listen and experience their own awakening to reality in 2022.
A recent example is a San Francisco resident, Michelle Tandler, who wrote of her awakening on Twitter, as reported by Katie Pavlich on Townhall.com.

Tandler continues on Twitter: “What do Progressives stand for exactly? Yesterday I went for a drive in the rain. This is what is happening in San Francisco right now. I’m sorry to force readers of this thread to bear witness to this, but I think it’s important to acknowledge what we are all ignoring.  [She shows photos of homeless on the streets of San Francisco.] Where is our $13B going, exactly?”

She then gives a plug for her book, San Francisco: Why Progressives Ruin Cities and says: “I’m starting to develop a seriously dark view of the Progressive politicians in charge of our town… We are in crisis.  And – yes, we voted for this. We know.”

I think that Tandler is a Classical Liberal who considers herself a Progressive, maybe because our media only allows two classes: Progressive or Conservative. She values truth – seeing reality as it is – over political correctness. She values human lives and well-being. She values true justice rather than virtue-signaling.

It is a good thing whenever we can help people clarify their thinking. Defining words carefully can do that. There are two types of Progressives: Classical Liberals and Leftists.

The Left creates their own truth – their narratives – and propagates them using group think and appealing to elite “experts.” They create and enforce their own moral code.  Followers become righteous by virtue signaling.

The Democrat Party is controlled by the Left. The Progressive movement is controlled by the Left. They live in a bubble – a mythical reality of their own making – one which is increasingly disconnected from the real world, from the kitchen table of hardworking Americans.

Tandler is one of many Classical Liberals that are asking questions, doing their own research, and seeking truth. Many media personalities have broken free of Progressive groupthink: Dave Rubin, Glenn Greenwald, Sharyl Attkisson, Bari Weiss, Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson, to name only a few. This is a great thing, evidence that groupthink will not control America.

Three years ago, a Manhattan hair stylist, Brandon Stratka, created a video entitled “Why I left the Democrat Party.” Watch his video on YouTube. The video went viral and led him to create a Facebook page that only posted personal testimonials by others who, in their own words, discovered the truth, started thinking for themselves, and decided to leave the Democrat Party.  I was often deeply moved by their stories.

There were thousands of testimonials on the #WalkAwayCampaign page until one day, several months ago, Facebook deleted them all! Thousands of personal testimonials of mostly young people, telling their unique stories. Deleting and cancelling honest voices is not the America we want!  This is a tragedy. Freedom of expression must be valued, understood, and restored.  We will be featuring some of those voices - personal stories - on social media this year.

But the deleted postings give evidence that there is a large body of silent citizens that identify with Progressives but who feel the conflict between Progressive ideas and the real world.

Reality will win. The question is how long will it take? You might be surprised.

I love the story of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the USSR, written by Vaclav Havel, a poet and the first president of the free Czech Republic. Havel writes of the “life of lies” which is the Communist narrative.

May the thin tissue of Leftist/Progressive lies disintegrate in 2022!

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